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A List of 20 Podcasts on Data Science

20 Informative Podcasts on Data Science You Can’t Miss in 2023

Data science podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years as the field has expanded and evolved. As a result, there are now dozens of podcasts covering a wide range of topics related to data science, from beginner-friendly introductions to advanced discussions on machine learning and AI. In this article, we will highlight 20 of the best podcasts on data science that you should be listening to in 2023. These podcasts cover various topics and are hosted by experts in the field.

Importance of Podcasts on Data Science

Data science is a constantly evolving field. New tools and techniques are continuously being developed, making keeping up with the latest trends difficult. Listening to data science podcasts is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. You’ll be able to learn about new techniques, tools, and applications and stay informed about the latest industry news and trends.

Introduction to the 20 Podcasts on Data Science

The 20 podcasts we will cover in this article are some of the best and most informative data science podcasts available. Each podcast covers a different aspect of data science, from beginner-friendly introductions to more advanced topics like machine learning and AI. In addition, experts in the field host these podcasts and offer valuable insights and advice.

1. Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic is a popular podcast on data science by Kyle Polich and Linh Da Tran. Various topics are discussed in the podcast, including statistics, machine learning, and AI. The podcast is known for its informative and accessible approach, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experts. Recent episodes include “The Impact of Machine Learning on Economics” and “Using Machine Learning to Predict Credit Risk.”

2. Analytics Power Hour

 Analytics Power Hour focuses on creating an informative and casual environment for discussions on data science topics. The podcast, hosted by Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Moe Kiss, features conversations that simulate the kind of chats you might have with experts over drinks after a conference or show. In each biweekly episode, the trio shares insights into various topics concerning data science, from the psychology behind data analytics to strategies for making statistics more accessible.

If you’re looking for a must-listen Analytics Power Hour podcast episode, we highly recommend “The Curiosity of the Analyst” featuring Dr. Debbie Berebichez. There is a thoughtful discussion in this episode about the role of curiosity in data science and how it can drive more insightful analyses. 

3. DataFramed

DataFramed is a podcast on data science hosted by Hugo Bowne-Anderson. The podcast covers various data science and machine learning topics, including data ethics, visualizations, and natural language processing. The podcast is known for its informative and accessible approach, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experts. Recommended episodes to listen to include “The Past and Present of Data Science (with Sergey Fogelson)” and “The Evolution of Data Visualization.”

4. Lex Fridman Podcast

When finding podcasts on data science that offer a more holistic perspective on the industry, the Lex Fridman Podcast should be at the top of your list. Although it used to focus exclusively on AI, it has since expanded to include discussions on topics such as philosophy, history, health, and technology. In addition, host Lex Fridman invites guests from various fields, including notable figures like Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and Saagar Enjeti, to share their insights and experiences. 

The standout episode to check out is Elon Musk’s interview, where he discusses Neuralink, AI, Autopilot, and the Pale Blue Dot. With episodes lasting between two to five hours and being released twice a week, you will find plenty of fascinating and in-depth content to dive into. 

5. Data Futurology

Data science enthusiasts who want to hear insights from top data practitioners should listen to the podcast “Data Futurology.” Hosted by Felipe Flores, an expert in data science, this podcast on data science delves into the leadership aspects of artificial intelligence. However, the episodes often include practical tips and advice for those just starting or looking to excel in data science. 

Tune in weekly to catch episodes that typically run from 30 to 45 minutes. We recommend checking out the episode featuring Alexey Grigorev, where he discusses the skills required to work as a data scientist or machine learning engineer.

6. Super Data Science

Looking for a podcast that offers a lighthearted take on data science? Look no further than SuperDataScience! This podcast on data science covers various topics, from data history to cutting-edge techniques like knowledge graphs and time series analysis. Plus, with episodes focused on job readiness, you can get valuable tips and insights to help you pursue a career in data science. 

Check out their mini-episodes, which run just five minutes, or dive into a full hour of engaging content. Want to get started? We recommend the episode “How to Thrive as an Early-Career Data Scientist.”

7. Women in Data Science

The “Women in Data Science” podcast, hosted by Professor Margot Gerritsen at Stanford University, features insightful conversations with accomplished women in data science. This monthly series explores the application of data science in diverse industries, such as healthcare and music streaming, providing valuable insights on career development and advancement.

For a must-listen episode, check out the interview with Lillian Carrasquillo, where she discusses her use of human-centric data science at Spotify. Then, tune in to each 30 to 40-minute episode to stay informed and inspired by the women leading the way in data science.

8. Not So Standard Deviations

In search of podcasts on data science that covers industry news while providing valuable insights from the hosts’ personal experiences? “Not So Standard Deviations” is a must-listen! This podcast on data science, co-hosted by Hilary Parker, a data scientist at Stitch Fix, and Roger Peng, a professor of biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, publishes two to three new episodes each month.

With each episode ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, you’ll get in-depth discussions of the latest data science trends, tools, and techniques, for a great introduction to “Not So Standard Deviations,” check out their episode on “Data Gunslingers,” where they discuss the challenges of dealing with large datasets and the importance of reproducible research. 

9. Plumbers of Data Science

Andreas Kretz’s podcast on data engineering tools and techniques is a must-listen-to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in big data. With episodes up to 30 minutes, Kretz provides his honest opinion on the latest developments in the field. As a seasoned Data Engineer and Big Data professional, Kretz’s platforms process and analyze massive amounts of data daily, making his insights invaluable for new data scientists. While the update frequency of the podcast is pretty random, the quality of the content is top-notch. 

10. The TWIML AI Podcast

Hosted by analyst Sam Charrington, this podcast features interviews with a wide range of experts in the field, including researchers, data scientists, engineers, and IT leaders. Tune in twice a week to learn about everything from autonomous driving and haptic intelligence to the potential of AI in mapping the human immune system. 

Check out the episode on Machine Learning for Equitable Healthcare Outcomes with Irene Chen for a fascinating deep dive into this critical topic. With episode durations ranging from 45 minutes to an hour, The TWIML AI Podcast keeps you updated on data science and AI developments.

11. Data Science at Home

Data Science at Home is an exceptional podcast on data science that delves into machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. Hosted by the brilliant Dr. Francesco Gadaleta, this podcast on data science offers unique insights and features interviews with some of the top minds in AI. The episodes, which run for 20 to 40 minutes, are published once or twice a week, keeping listeners updated on the latest trends and developments in data science.

The podcast offers a variety of topics, ranging from how to deal with unbalanced data to exploring the true potential of machine intelligence. Dr. Gadaleta also discusses why our data is worth thousands of dollars annually, yet we don’t get paid.

One of the must-listen episodes of Data Science at Home is “True Machine Intelligence just like the human brain.” The episode provides an in-depth discussion of the challenges of creating machine intelligence that rivals human intelligence.

12. Talking Machines

Discover the intricacies of machine learning, computer science, and deep learning with Talking Machines – a biweekly podcast that takes you through insightful conversations with leading experts in the field. The podcast unveils the latest industry news and trends. In addition, it provides invaluable answers to your questions about data science, including topics such as internships versus salaried positions, the updated ACM code of ethics, and the next AI winter.

Hosted by Katherine Gorman, a former public radio producer, and Neil Lawrence, Director of Machine Learning at Amazon Research Cambridge, this podcast is a must-listen for data science enthusiasts. With episodes ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, you can tune in every two weeks to explore the world of machine learning with Talking Machines.

13. In Machines We Trust

Hosted by Jennifer Strong of MIT Technology Review, this biweekly podcast explores the automation of everything and the impact of AI on our daily lives. With episode durations ranging from 20 to 30 minutes, Jennifer leads discussions on how we entrust technology with some of our most sensitive decisions. If you’re interested in exploring the cutting edge of AI and its implications for our lives, check out their recommended episode, “Hired by an Algorithm.”

14. O’Reilly Data Show

Each episode offers insights into the latest trends and techniques in big data, data science, and AI, featuring interviews with industry leaders and co-founders. Topics covered include machine learning, deep neural networks, natural language processing, large-scale computation, and more. With new episodes released 2-3 times per month and an average length of 30-50 minutes, you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest in data science. 

The show is hosted by Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media, Inc., and Program Director for the Strata Data Conference and the Artificial Intelligence Conference. Tune in to the O’Reilly Data Show for expert insights and in-depth analysis of the latest data science trends.

15. Gradient Dissent

Gradient Dissent is a podcast on data science featuring leaders from various industries discussing their experiences with machine and deep learning models. With notable guests like Wojciech Zaremba of OpenAI, Sean Taylor of Lyft, and Chris Mattmann of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the podcast offers valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations. 

Be sure to catch the episode featuring Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger, where she talks about responsible machine learning in real-world applications. With new episodes dropping twice a month and an average duration of 45 minutes to an hour, Gradient Dissent is a must-listen for any data science enthusiast.

16. Talk Python to Me

“Talk Python to Me” is a fantastic podcast focusing on Python’s versatility as a programming language. The show has already recorded over 320 episodes discussing Python and related technologies. Hosted by Michael Kennedy, this weekly podcast covers a range of topics, including how Python is utilized by data scientists, software developers, and even casual hobbyists.

One exciting episode of the show is “Python for Astronomy with Dr. Becky.” With an episode duration of around an hour to 75 minutes, “Talk Python to Me” provides in-depth discussions and interviews on various Python topics.

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17. Data Stories

Data Stories is an entertaining source for all things data science. Each episode features fascinating discussions with industry experts on topics ranging from the role of data in our lives to innovative visualization techniques. Join hosts Enrico Bertini, a renowned researcher in data visualization, and Moritz Stefaner, an independent designer and world traveler, as they explore the world of data science. 

Learn about machine learning for artists, touch graphics, data sculptures, indexical visualization, and data visualization literacy. With updates twice per month and an episode length of 40-45 minutes, Data Stories is the perfect way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in data science.

18. More or Less: Behind the Stats

This weekly podcast on data science, hosted by Tim Harford and the BBC, features brief and punchy episodes that decode statistics. The themes include a broad range of issues, from how data has contributed to doubling life expectancy to computing how many pools of vaccines we require to inoculate everyone.

One of our recommended episodes is “Delta cases, blue tits, and that one-in-two cancer claim.” Tune in for a fascinating discussion on current events and the latest data science trends.

19. Data Viz Today

“More or Less: Data Viz Today” is a monthly podcast focusing on the latest methods and tools for effective data visualization. Hosted by renowned data visualization designer Alli Torban, this podcast is packed with insights and advice from top data designers, helping listeners to create compelling visualizations that tell powerful stories. 

With episode durations ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, “More or Less: Data Viz Today” is the ideal resource for anyone trying to get better at data visualization.

20. The Data Engineering Podcast

If you’re keen on learning about the latest trends and techniques in data engineering, The Data Engineering Podcast is a great place to start. This podcast on data science offers listeners valuable insights into the tools and processes associated with data engineering and the challenges engineers face in managing workflow, automation, and data manipulation. Tune in to gain valuable tips and tricks from leading experts in the field.

One particularly insightful episode, “Moving Machine Learning Into The Data Pipeline at Cherre,” offers a deep dive into how machine learning can be integrated into data pipelines to improve business outcomes. You can easily fit this podcast into your busy schedule, with episode durations ranging from 40 minutes to an hour. Plus, with new episodes released twice a week, you’ll always have fresh content to keep you up-to-date on the latest in data engineering.


In conclusion, these 20 podcasts on data science offer a wide range of insights and perspectives on the field. From technical skills to ethical considerations, they cover various topics crucial to staying up-to-date in the industry. Incorporating podcasts into your data science education can provide valuable insights and help you stay on top of the latest trends and developments

With the continued growth of data science and AI, podcasts will remain a valuable resource for those looking to expand their knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.

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